“Sometimes love is for a moment.

Sometimes love is for a lifetime.

Sometimes a moment is a lifetime.”

— Pamela Adams


How to Become a Partnering Hospital

The Angel Fund currently receives the majority of its funding from regional fundraising efforts in Connecticut. Connecticut hospitals are welcome to send an inquiry to: 


Cathy Fritea

Phone: 203-459-6486 

Please put Angel Fund in the subject line.


Words from Our Partnering Hospitals

As of January 2011, the Angel Fund partners with 10 hospitals in Connecticut. Below are just a few words from our hospitals . . .

"The boxes hold a lifetime of memories no matter how short or long that lifetime was. The hopes and dreams of a family are tucked inside as a treasure that a family may share or keep privately in their hearts." -Yale New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT


“The Angel Fund came to us at the right time. The bereavement boxes are presented to our moms who have a newborn death. They are a special way for our moms and families to remember their own special angels." - Bridgeport Hospital, Bridgeport, CT


"The Angel Fund provide St. Vincent's Hospital with beautiful decorative memory boxes which contain several items to help a family preserve the memories of a very short life. There are also books and bereavement materials in the boxes to help families cope with the long hard grief journey ahead of them. The Angel Fund also provides the hospital with white gowns and blankets for the babies to be dressed and wrapped in for pictures. They provide a digital camera and color printer along with supplies needed to provide photos to the families. The Angel Fund ministry is such a gift to parents who have lost a baby.” - St. Vincent's Hospital, Bridgeport, CT

Connecticut Partnering Hospitals Include:

Yale New Haven St. Raphael's, New Haven Hartford Hospital, Bridgeport Hospital St. Vincent's, Bridgeport, CT Griffin, Seymour St. Mary's and Waterbury Hospital, Waterbury New Milford Hospital and Stamford Hospital.

Nurses Looking at Angel Fund Memory Boxes

The Memory Box program outside of Connecticut

The Angel Fund chooses a non-profit organization that helps children or a family in need each year to receive an Angel Fund monetary gift. This may be outside of Connecticut. You may also have a memory box sent to a family outside of Connecticut for a donation of $75.00  thank you.

If you have any questions or are interested in a memory box program, please contact:

Cathy Fritea
Phone: 203-459-6486 

Please put Angel Fund in the subject line.


Inside our beautiful memory boxes

A Blanket and Baby Gown

Footprints Pin and Poem

Empty Cradle, Broken Heart

National Best Seller Book by Deborah Davis. This book is based on more than ten years of research and clinical work with bereaved parents. Includes The Early Months, Affirming Your Baby, Painful Feelings, Resolution of Grief, Making Peace with Agonizing Decisions, Especially for Fathers, You and Your Partner, Your Family, Support Networks, The Subsequent Pregnancy: Trying Again, Protective Parenting, Remembering Your Baby and Moving On.

Tiny Hands Change the World

 A mother’s journal capturing the months following a stillbirth.

A Journal of thoughts and feelings

A personal journal for the bereaved parents that includes a guidelines page.

A special Memory Book

A place to memorialize your baby. (Footprints, handprints, hair, photos, special notes).

The grief of Grandparents

For those who want to take away the hurt, which is impossible.

Fathers Grieve Too

A special booklet for fathers.


A special song dedicated to child loss. New item in 2011.

* The above items should always be included in our memory boxes. From time to time, we may include other items such as a memory bear or different booklets. Hospitals also may choose to add their own special items.

Angel Fund Memory Box