“Sometimes love is for a moment.

Sometimes love is for a lifetime.

Sometimes a moment is a lifetime.”

— Pamela Adams

A note from Cathy and Shelly (Co-Founders of the Angel Fund):

We are so sorry your baby died. Our hearts go out to you, your family and to your baby. We have traveled the same road. Cathy's son Daniel was born still at 42 weeks in 1998. Shelley's son Oliver died at seven weeks old in 1997; her daughter Lilla was born still in 1998 and she had an early miscarriage in 1999.

If you found this web site because you received an Angel Fund Memory Box, it is our hope you found some comfort from within. Lots of love, lessons that we learned and tons of compassion went into creating and finding just the right items to give you. If you stumbled upon this site and are looking for words of wisdom or comfort we hope you will find them in Doraine Riley's words:

The Garden In My Heart

There is a place within me, as peaceful as can be
It is a tiny garden no one knows it's there but me

I planted it in silence, alone and full of pain
The world went on as usual, mine will never be the same

There are no flowers growing, no weeds to pull away
It's a place once filled with hopes and dreams of how things might be someday

A hand to my heart is how I tend my garden,
I touch there now and then

My tiny seeds are safe with me, forever till my end.

Shelly’s Story

Book: Tiny Hands Change the World


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