“Sometimes love is for a moment.

Sometimes love is for a lifetime.

Sometimes a moment is a lifetime.”

— Pamela Adams

"Gone Too Soon"
Written by Jennifer Marsh
In Loving Memory of Daniel

You came into my life in 1992
I was so happy, in love with you
You were so tiny and so beautiful

From the time you were small I immediately knew
you would grow to be as smart as can be
Strong, honest, and healthy

Growing bigger and bigger everyday
becoming a big boy in so many ways
Going to school and having fun
I was so proud to call you my son

Six years old, Wow where did all the time go?
Six years old and there is something God wants us to know
CANCER- Is my baby going to die?
We'll do everything we can to keep him alive

Surgeries and long hospital stays
radiation and chemotherapy
facing everything with a smile being so brave

Being sick never seemed to bother you
ok and you would do what you had to do
When you were real sick and mommy was sad and down
You would say "Don't worry mommy, I’ll always be around

Two years pass and now your 8
facing everyday feeling great
Still having cancer and sometimes being sick
But you were always so positive, you would never quit

Doing everything the other kids would do.
Running, playing, going to school
never letting your disease get the best of you

Being such an inspiration to others
loving everyone so much
Your mom and dad, family and friends and
especially your little brother

Summer of 2000 laughing and having fun
I never thought it would be the last one
The last time you would play outside
the last time you would go for a bike ride
The last time the sun would shine on you
the last summer to do all you could do

School starts, second grade not feeling so great
your body had taken all it could take
November eighth off to Disney World, one more trip
not feeling good at all but it was something you couldn't miss

November tenth the phone rings
Daniel is real sick on an emergency flight home
his plane comes in at 4:45 he really wants his mom

At the airport waiting for you
feeling so scared just wanting to hold you
You get off of the plane looking so sick
your home, your safety, lets rush you quick

What is wrong with my son? What do we do?
let me know what is the news?
Daniel's Cancer has spread there is nothing we can do
he has only a short time to be with you

You’re telling me my son is going to die?
All I could do is cry and ask WHY? WHY?
How could you do this to me it can't be as bad as it seems
He makes it through everything this has got to be a bad dream

All the things we still have to do
what is my life without you?
How can I say everything I have to say?
How can I do all the things we wanted to do
before you go away?

How could you loose this fight?
How at eight-years-old could you loose your life?
The last day of your life being so honest with everyone you knew
letting them know it was ok you knew they loved you

As dark was turning into light November 16, 2000 at 5:03
you gave up the fight
You closed your eyes and said goodbye
November 16, 2000 my baby Daniel Philip Marsh died

Never hearing your voice again
never saying all that needed to be said
How could I leave you and just walk away?

You promised me that you would always stay

God took you only because he knew you were the best
For the rest of my life I'll keep you alive
but I'll never fully understand why you died

I'll miss you all the days of my life
I'll see you again when the time is right
I'll love you forever until we're together


This poem was written a few months after my 8 year old son died from Neuroblastoma. He was the most courageous person I have ever encountered in the 31 years I've been on this earth.

He faced everything with such strength and determination. He was such a joy to have but one thing I know he is shining down on me from heaven.


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